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Metal Gear Solid The Board Game

Metal Gear Solid The Board Game is designed by Emerson Matsuuchi (Specter Ops, the Century game series) and produced in close association with Konami. A 1-4 players stealth action sandbox game, Metal Gear Solid The Board Game allows players to play their way as they work cooperatively to complete objectives in 12 scenarios that follow the narrative of the video game. Does your game group want to operate as phantoms that move meticulously through the map, using Otacon’s hacking abilities to open locked doors, turn off cameras and laser traps, or even reroute patrolling guards? You can. How about going in with non-lethal force, knocking out guards with hand to hand combat and hiding the bodies out of sight of the remaining guards? You can do that too. Want to go loud? Stock up on ammo and use the weapons from the video game to take out guards before the can call in an alert, or unleash the incredibly deadly Cyborg Ninja’s skills to cut through and entire hallway of enemy forces. In any of the game’s 12 sneaking missions, split evenly between the narrative campaign and challenging VR missions, players can decide how they’d like to complete the objectives they’re tasked with. But it wouldn’t be Metal Gear Solid without incredible and memorable boss fights! In between sneaking missions, players will face off against 8 AI controlled bosses. Unlike sneaking missions, Bboss encounters feature a single deck that controls the Boss figure’s actions. At the end of each round, the boss will resolve an action, things like moving and attacking. After a few rounds, the boss deck will be reset in the same order it was originally played in. After this first cycle through, players can memorize the pattern and plan their offense, and defense, accordingly. While each boss encounter runs off a shared set of mechanics, the actions on their decks makes each encounter incredibly different. Metal Gear Solid The Board Game’s campaign follows the story of the first game and features over 100 pages of comic art to bring to life the events of Shadow Moses. The game’s narrative campaign contains 6 sneaking missions and 8 boss encounters. There are another 6 non-canon VR missions that challenge players with larger maps, more guards, and even special rules. All of Metal Gear Solid The Board Game is modular, so players can replay any campaign or VR mission and add in items they have unlocked from later in the game, or build their own maps with unique guard layouts and objectives. Metal Gear Solid The Board Game contains: 29 high quality miniatures including an oversized Metal Gear Rex, 123 Standard sized card in 17 different decks 8 Boss encounter cards 4 Hero boards 3 punch boards with over 200 tokens 1 Massive campaign story book 1 VR mission and rules reference book Day One Edition exclusives: 1 Tank miniature to replace the punchboard token 1 Helicopter miniature to replace the punchboard token 2 Cardboard box miniatures to replace the punchboard tokens 1 Liquid Snake miniature exclusive to the Day One Edition 1 Liquid Snake VR mission exclusive to the Day One Edition